Does quilting look complicated?

Have you seen some beautiful pictures of quilts and thought:

Wow, it must be fun to play with all those colors and patterns?

But then all those doubts creep in...

You don't know how to pick fabrics that go together

You don't know how to use a rotary cutter

Don't you need to be a really good sewer already?

Is this going to turn out like that last project - a complete mess?

Let's start small

with a simple table runner

You can learn everything about making a large quilt by making a simple tablerunner.

Everything step by step

This is not a bunch of YouTube videos that you have to hunt through to try to find the one that answers your question, or lightning speed videos that don't show you all the little complicated bits.

This is EVERY STEP, starting with picking your fabric to sewing the last stitch before you display it on your table.

Learn at your own pace with detailed videos. Video of my hands cutting and sewing while I explain exactly what you need to do so you have success the first time.

It will feel like a friend sitting right next to you helping you make your beautiful quilt.

Make a table runner you can show off to your friends and family

The beauty of making your first quilt is all the rest of the beautiful quilts you will be able to make with your new skills.

Quilts that will become your family's heirlooms.

Overwhelmed by the fabric store?

Detailed video tips about how to pick fabric plus a cheat sheet to take along with you so you won't forget what you learned when you are faced with all those beautiful choices.

Rotary cutter horror stories?

Detailed videos to show you how to use a rotary cutter safely including the habits that will keep you safe and cutting smoothly in the future.

Too many tools?

I recommend only the most basic tools and explain why you need each one and what to look for when shopping. Know exactly what to look for from sewing machines to pins.

Just learning how to sew?

You don't need to be an experienced seamstress to make a quilt. As long as you can thread your machine, I can show you how to sew a straight line. And that's all you need to know to make your first quilt.

Tried before but didn't finish?

If you've used a quilting pattern in the past, you may have been left in the lurch by 'quilt and bind as desired'. I give you specific quilting design ideas, show you how to quilt with your machine and how to put the final binding on the quilt.

What to make next?

The included pattern can be used over and over again with different fabric and layouts to make unique table runners for all your family and friends.

Afraid of forgetting what you've learned? For the more complicated things I provide detailed PDFs to print out and use for all your future quilts.

Looking to make a big quilt?

You may want to make a big quilt. And I understand! But...

I don't want you to ever feel the shame of an unfinished project.

I've seen too many large unfinished quilt projects stuffed in the back of closets, never finished, because the pattern wasn't clear enough, or just never gave instructions on what to do to finish it!

There's enough to keep track of with a large project without learning a bunch of new skills at the same time.

Learn all the skills with a small project first.

By making this simple table runner, you will learn all the skills often not included in pattern instructions:

  • How to pick your own fabrics
  • How to design a quilting pattern and quilt your quilt
  • How to attach the binding.

Fabric to Finished will allow you to practice all those new skills with a small project first, so you'll know exactly what to expect when you make your first large quilt.

What people are saying about my teaching

I started this journey to teach others to quilt on TikTok. I still upload tip videos regularly. If you would like to see what I do there - you can check it out by clicking HERE

Fabric to Finished gives you much more detail and help than I could ever provide in short Tiktoks :)

Do you wish you had quilter friend to come by your house and help you make your first quilt?

That's exactly who I am!

I will stop by your computer and show you everything you need to know and do to make your first quilt.

A quilt that you will be proud to display on your table.

What do you need before you start?

Know the basics of using your sewing machine

You need to be able to thread your machine and use it to sew two pieces of fabric together.

A few essential supplies

You will need a few materials and supplies such as a rotary cutter, mat and ruler, pins, fabric, batting, etc.

I recommend only the necessities, not all the extra gadgets and tell you exactly what to look for in the store or online.

What's in the course

  Let's get started :)
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  Tools you need for quilting
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  Materials - fabric, batting and thread
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  Cutting with a rotary cutter
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  The final step
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Why I created this course

I love to sew and design quilts.

But I REALLY love to help other people learn how to sew and quilt.

Especially people who think they can't.

I specialize in explaining things as simply as possible.

I started sewing around 8 years old and I learned just about everything on my own. So I understand how long it can take, and all the mistakes that can frustrate you.

My goal is to eliminate as many of those frustrations as possible so you have success with your very first quilt.

I just melt when I see the smile of someone who just accomplished something they thought they couldn't.

I truly look forward to connecting with new quilters. If you ever have a question, I welcome your email!