Are you a visual learner?

Have you tried to follow written patterns but you can't figure out what you are supposed to do?

Love YouTube videos, but need more detail?

Do you just wish someone would show you EXACTLY what you need to do?

I made this class for you.

No step unexplained

From showing you exactly how to cut the pieces to how to mark, pin and sew each seam, every single step is explained and shown on video.

PLUS, you'll know why you are doing each step. That means not only will your bag turn out GREAT, but you'll have new skills and knowledge for your next project.

Watch only what you need

If you're not a brand new sewer, you won't need every little step explained.

You will be able to just download the pattern and start.

But you will still be able to easily find just the step you need to answer that niggly little question.

Bonuses for when you are a pro!

Let's face it, when you are a pro sewer you will be able to figure this stuff out on your own.

For the price of a PDF pattern you not only get the beginner videos, but also tips for designing your own custom bags - including a plug and play Excel spreadsheet for doing the calculations.

Because I believe in you!